Universidad Iberoamericana
A successful experience with local communities

Universidad Iberoamericana’s professors trained by ISD’s Sira Abenoza worked with students in a non-traditional education program based on Socratic Dialogue. Participants now are heading to local communities to empower their dialogue abilities. See some results in the video below.    

Erasmus Project
An Ubuntu Book with the ISD Insight

ISD’s founder Sira Abenoza contributes with a chapter in “Ubuntu and Servant Leadership,” the new book from Ubuntu Academy, a network of social entrepreneurs based in Portugal.

Building Bridges for Peace
Sira Abenoza at Ubuntu Academy in Portugal

Jo Berry and Patrick Magee were asked back for the second time to speak with the young people from the Academy of Ubuntu leaders. They met with Sira Abenoza, creator of the documentary “In Dialogue”, for a conversation on how dialogue can build bridges during conflictive contexts, heal, and help to cement personal and social understanding […]

Entrevista a Sira Abenoza

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Emotions and the frontiers of legal education

Based on an educational experience that brought together law students and inmates in the same classroom…

The Law Teacher
Socrates Behind Bars

Social prejudices and taboos on crime, criminals and prisons offer a simplistic, biased and altogether negative image of penal institutions…

Universidad Iberoamericana
Cómo ser buenos ciudadanos

Vivimos en burbujas, cada vez estamos más llenos de esta desconfianza respecto de quien es distinto de nosotros…

Times of India
Idea of justice

At the end of the sessions, a student says: “When you go in there and talk to them, and you start to understand their background…

Financial Times
Prison: Jail term brings meetings of minds

One Spanish law school has set up an unusual philosophy course that brings together law students and prisoners…

The Times of India
Finding the Meaning of life

Teaching ethics to today’s law and business students is not just important – it’s essential. Students currently studying…

Lawyer Press
ESADE Law School, entre las escuelas de Derecho más innovadoras del mundo, según Financial Times

La publicación británica dedica un espacio de su informe a reconocer la nueva asignatura que ha acercado a los estudiantes…