The ISD offers courses to train professionals from different disciplines on how to apply the Socratic dialogue method in their professional activities.

The ISD also offers courses to people who are interested in applying Socratic Dialogue to their personal lives—as parents, in their relationships, and more.

If you are interested in receiving information about courses or on how the ISD could be of help to your organization, contact us using the following form.

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February-May, 2020

SD Course for CEMS’ students at ESADE Law & Business School

(Barcelona, Spain)

February-May, 2020

SD Course at Catalan Prisons (Lledoners, Quatre Camins and Joves)

(Barcelona, Spain)

Autum, 2019

SD Training for Educators from Catalonian Prison System

(Barcelona, Spain)

October & November, 2019

SD Training for Family-Owned Business

(Barcelona, Spain)

September, 2019

SD Conversation with Jo Berry and Patrick McGee at Ubuntu FEST

(Gaia, Portugal)

July, 2019

SD Training for professors from 6 Jesuit universities (Universidad Iberoamericana)

(Guadalajara, Mexico)

June, 2019

SD Course at Ubuntu Academy

(Lisbon, Portugal)

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