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A responsible manager is someone who is able to understand and take into account all stakeholder’s needs. Socratic dialogue offers a method to teach organizational leaders how to engage in meaningful conversations with stakeholders and develop responsible organizations.



Overe the past year, we designed and implemented project BUBBLES. The ultimate aim of the project was to contribute to the strengthening of European democracies and foster civic engagement. Socratic Dialogue serves as a valuable tool in achieving this goal because living in isolated social tribes or echo chambers limits our understanding of those who are different from us. By engaging in Socratic Dialogue, we can break down these prejudices and view others as fellow human beings, enabling us to truly see and empathize with them.

The project brought together young business managers and individuals facing social exclusion to engage in collective reflection on some of the most critical social challenges and potential solutions. Businesses, being influential agents in shaping society, play a crucial role in safeguarding the health of our democracies and have the capacity to address pressing issues. On the other hand, people at risk of social exclusion possess valuable insights on how to effectively tackle these challenges.

By fostering spaces of dialogue and joint reflection between these two groups, the project sought to foster a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives, leading to innovative and inclusive solutions that can contribute to a stronger and more resilient democratic society.

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Teaching managers how to dialogue

The ISD has offered numerous trainings on how to use Socratic Dialogue to promote a more transparent, responsible and inclusive management style. Students and alumni from several business schools such as ESADE, UCA El Salvador, Universidad Iberoamericana de México, among others, and also senior executive managers from different countries have participated in it.

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