The importance of political stability

The absence of spaces for dialogue threatens democracy. Segregation of people in ghettos inhibits the exposure to a diversity of opinions and life experiences, preventing us from understanding other people’s needs. Socratic Dialogue facilitates real exchange of experiences helping to strengthen democracy and build peace.

One of our projects
In dialogue

A Socratic Dialogue exercise in Northern Ireland sat together two former IRA terrorists, two former Unionist terrorists, a former British soldier and a former police officer. For two weeks, these opponents were dialoguing about their personal experiences, how they grew up, how they engaged in the conflict, how they suffered. The process ended in a deeper understanding between old enemies and a strong will to keep on dialoguing to promote peace.

This exercise became the awarded documentary In dialogue that has been part of numerous Film Festivals and exhibitions around the world (Spain, Holland, Northern Ireland, Canada, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador etc.).

Development is useless if it’s not sustainable

Inclusiveness: voice for the voiceless

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