Inclusiveness: voice for the voiceless

Society is progressively segregating more and more groups of people from public opinion. Homeless, refugees, inmates, migrants, all of them are “silenced voices” that don’t find spaces to express their needs nor have them be heard. Therefore, their rights can easily be violated. Socratic Dialogue helps them sit down as equals with people that can help them, it allows “silent voices” to become “social voices”—citizens, people.

One of our projects

Philosophy behind bars

The project ‘Philosophy behind bars’ aims at breaking societal prejudices about inmates by approaching law students to jail and having them take a Socratic Dialogue course together with inmates. This project started on 2014 and since then more than 120 students from ESADE Law School and inmates have benefited from it. The positive impact on both groups has been reflected in two papers published on the international journal The Law Teacher. It also became the awarded documentary Philosophy Behind Bars, that has been part of numerous Film Festivals and exhibitions around the world (Spain, France, Japan, Canada, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, among other countries).

The importance of political stability

Development is useless if it’s not sustainable

Know thyself: where it all begins